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sleeping giant

San Francisco, CA

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tag, i'm it

Sid Smith of Postcards from the Yellow Room has tagged me. Does this mean that I have a numbered collar around my ankle and my migrating habits will be electronically tracked? Or that Sid has spraypainted an urban hieroglyphic on my back? Neither, dear readers. Here is the tagging 411:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
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So let's embrace the personal random:

1. I learned how to read when I was four years old, thanks to constantly watching Sesame Street. I have vivid memories of sitting by the heating vent in my room reading Dr. Seuss books. My grandparents told me that I spelled out and read aloud the EXIT sign at an International House of Pancakes when I was three, but I don't remember that. I've been a wordnerd ever since.

2. I started collecting records seriously around the age of thirteen. Before that, it was comic-book collecting, but that hobby was beginning to lose its allure. I bought many of my early records at the local K-Mart--I would ride my bike there and pick up another Rush or Black Sabbath album for my small-but-rapidly-growing collection. I currently have over 1,400 albums and CDs. Once a collector, always a collector. [2013 edit: now up to 2,700 albums/CDs--good grief]

3. My favorite season is autumn, as you can probably tell from my recent pics. I love the slight chill in the air and the sound and smell of falling leaves. I wish that autumn lasted longer, but maybe its fleetingness is part of its charm: it's gone so fast that you really have to pay attention every day to appreciate it fully.

4. I hate beets and peas. I have given them many opportunities to enlighten my palate, but the result is always the same: blech. I can tolerate pineapples but would prefer to avoid them. I love lima beans and recently began to appreciate asparagus.

5. The house where I grew up is currently sitting vacant, and that makes me sad. I last stepped foot in it back in 1986. I hope that someone puts it on the market soon so I can go to an "open house" event there and wander through many childhood memories.

6. I'm not color-blind but have a very poor sense of what colors go together. I could never be an interior decorator.

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quote of the day

Requests are welcome, but responses are unlikely. --
Peter Hammill, at The Winchester in Lakewood Ohio, 10/10/08.

power lines

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what is truly important

Hint: it's not your job.

on bad luck

If it were raining soup, we'd be standing outside with forks.
-- my grandma

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the salesman

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a musing

I would like to rip my own spine out and beat people with it. But that would be a spineless thing to do, so I won't.

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thought for the day

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Depending on how gracious one may be feeling, this maxim could mean that good ideas can come from unlikely sources, or that even idiots get lucky now and then.