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much ado about nada

Looks like the Catholic Church in Poland is freaking out about an upcoming concert by Madonna.

Newsflash to Poland: Madonna has not been relevant for the last eighteen years. No one in America cares about a damn thing she does, and neither should you.

Amazing how some people go out of their way to be offended, especially by a pop singer way past her sell-by date.

i left this heart in san francisco ii

Thursday, August 06, 2009

misheard lyrics

She's so frumpy, eh?

quote of the day

A family is like a loaded gun: point it in the wrong direction, and someone is bound to get hurt. -- Hal Hartley

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late night television

embrace the random xxxvii


Fractal lines slowly coagulate into images of solemn faces. There's something organic about how the portraits take shape, as if one is watching statues grow from pebbles planted in the dark soil.

This piece of generative art is no longer online, but it is available for purchase at Servovalve. The CD/DVD set contains many other generative artwork programs as well as a few generative music machines, including the brilliant Semuta device.

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