Wednesday, December 06, 2006

sick of being sick

What started out as a scratchy throat late Monday evening has now become a stuffed-up/feverish/achey/no-sleep malady. I've missed a day and a half of work (though I wouldn't say I'm missing it, buh-dum-bum) and will most likely be out the rest of the week. Luckily we are extremely slow in December, and I still have plenty of sick days to use.

I felt too weak today to even concentrate on the internet. Instead, I watched Cocoon on cable--now that's sick! I did catch a couple Spongebob episodes, so my sickbed viewing was not all in vain.

I usually don't listen to any music when I'm feeling this sick. A few years back I remember playing Gorecki's Symphony No. 2 when I was fighting a nasty sinus infection. I began hallucinating that the music was slowly eating me from the inside. So no Lustmord or Nurse With Wound until I'm good and healthy again.

Random sickbed observations:
--The Jeffersons was never that funny.
--Airborne helps your immune system but makes you whizz a lot.
--Applesauce and crackers are yummy when sick.
--Chicken-spread sandwiches are not.
--I hate Fox News.

The hills are alive with the sound of mucus. Good night.

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