Wednesday, March 07, 2007

it's good to be alive

Thirty-eight years ago today, I entered this world naked, bloody, and crying. Let's hope that I do not leave the same way.


moseydotes said...

Happy Birthday, Matt! Hope it was a great one, and welcome to the excellent last stretch of 30-ness!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! I knew I liked your blog for a reason. You're a Pisces, just like me!

I kinda like the idea of leaving this world the way I came in, kicking and screaming and wearing a diaper.

Matt said...

Thanks, Mo! I plan to make my last years of 30-ness as awesome as possible.

Thanks, Anne! Pisces rock!

Audient said...

happy birthday, Matt!!!

Matt said...

Thanks, Mike! I plan to hit my eighties, so I'm not halfway to dead yet.

Did you pick up the new Blackfield?