Saturday, April 21, 2007

serenity now

I've been thinking lately about how dead-on and powerful the Serenity Prayer is. It transcends mere religion and faith. It doesn't ask for miraculous cures. It gets straight to the point: give me clarity--let me see clearly.

Give me the inner peace to live with the immutable. Damn, that's some righteous science right there. I've wasted so many years wishing that I could change my past. I cannot. But I can change my understanding of my past. I can dig deep and learn from it. I can accept my past, and it's not a passive acceptance. It's an active acceptance, informed by maturity, empathy, and experience.

Let me see clearly enough to tell the difference between mountains and molehills, windmills and wind.

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moseydotes said...

That was a really lovely entry, Matt. Thanks for that.