Monday, June 11, 2007

what i heard on my spring break

Today is the last day of my eleven-day vacation, and I feel physically and emotionally healthier than I have in months. I feel lighter yet more solid, more real, more me. Maybe that has been the goal of all my reading, all my therapy, all my meditation: not to become a better person but to become the real me. Slowly discarding my once-useful, now-harmful defense mechanisms, I'm discovering the truly decent guy beneath all the armor.

Being away from the usual distractions and conflicts, away from the external and internal noise, I have allowed many lessons to resonate clearly inside myself. The true challenge now is to keep the resonance going once the noise and distractions resume. The true challenge is to reach inside and touch the sound.


Urelle said...

Thats awsome I am really happy for you.

Matt said...

Thanks, Urelle!