Friday, September 07, 2007

anger is an energy

Do you think that the Dalai Lama ever has one of those days where he just wants to run around and punch his fellow monks in the back of the head, and when they ask why, scream "Because you fucking deserve it, you worthless piece of shit!"

Just wondering.


moseydotes said...

I wonder that a lot, actually. Only in my wondering, he yells the decidedly anti-dharmic "You are only human this time by some cosmic mistake."

Anonymous said...

Yikes Stripes. Hope it wasn't SES related. Something in my bones tells me that it might be. I say do it. Punch any knuckleheads that come across your path. Throw a trash can at them!!!

Matt said...

Heehee. Yep, it was kinda SES-related, and kinda just the bad-weather-blahs. Breathe deep and smile, right? Bunny slippers and hospital tags for everyone.