Monday, October 01, 2007

guilty! guilty! guilty!

I am guilty of many things lately. I have done the backslide boogaloo and have not kept my New Year's resolution of non-procrastination. I have slacked on my blog, especially in the chronicling of my out-of-control CD shopping. I am a slug, so please forgive me.

So what used discs have I picked up most recently? In no particular order:

Harold Budd -- The Room (ambient, beautiful, with a hint of menace)

Donovan -- Sutras (thanks to Harry for recommending this one)

Judas Priest -- Rocka Rolla, Sad Wings of Destiny, Hell Bent for Leather, Unleashed in the East (all remastered and ass-kicking)

Curve -- Doppelganger (shoegaze was never more sultry)

Twinemen -- Chicago IL 02.02.03 (fine two-disc live show)

Iron Maiden -- Live After Death (scream for me, Long Beach!)

Much more to come...

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