Monday, September 07, 2009

getting caught up

I am way behind with my obsessive 2009 CD countdown, so it's probably best to break it down into groups. First, what did I buy in San Francisco?

142. Speaker/Cranker -- plugs into the amps
143. John Zorn -- The Gift
144. Piano Magic -- Part Monster
145. Theo Travis -- Double Talk
146. John Cale -- Sabotage (Live)
147. jansen barbieri karn -- seed
148. Bill Nelson -- Crimsworth
149. William Basinski -- Variations for Piano & Tape
150. William Basinski -- 92982
151. Bohren und der Club of Gore -- Latitudes EP
152. Bernhard Gunter -- Then, Silence
153. Robert Rich & Lustmord -- Stalker
154. Toychestra and Fred Frith -- what leave behind
155. Richard Thompson & Danny Thompson -- Industry
156. Richard Thompson -- Small Town Romance (live/solo in NY, 1982)
157. Mission of Burma -- Peking Spring
158. Scott Hull -- Audiofilm I
159. Colin Potter & Paul Bradley -- Behind Your Very Eyes
160. Whisper Room -- Birch White
161. Benge -- Twenty Systems

So I bought many more discs in SF this year as opposed to last year's trip, but I spent much less as the vast majority were used discs. Ah, to be a rationalizing smart shopper with a dash of OCD.

Next, I returned to Cleveland with the resolve to lay low for a spell and not buy any more discs. Alas, I have the resolve of tapioca pudding.

162. Aimee Mann -- Live at St. Ann's Warehouse (CD/DVD)
163. Bruce Dickinson -- The Chemical Wedding
164. KGC -- Dirty Bomb
165. Peter Gabriel -- Hit
166. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds -- Let Love In
167. Eric Matthews -- Fanfare (CD single)
168. Miles Davis -- The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions (5-CD box set)
169. Steven Wilson -- Insurgentes Remixes
170. Iron Maiden -- Somewhere in Time (remastered)
171. Simon & Garfunkel -- The Sounds of Silence (remastered)
172. Darcy James Argue's Secret Society -- Infernal Machines

Oy vey, what a sick puppy. But wait! It gets worse, as my buddy Harry and I made a trek up to Ann Arbor last week.

173. Steve Tibbetts -- A Man About a Horse
174. Zaar -- s/t
175. Glenn Branca -- Indeterminate Activity of Resultant Masses
176. Glenn Branca -- The Ascension
177. Deep Purple -- Machine Head (25th Anniversary Edition)

Only five from Ann Arbor? Wow, maybe I do have a little restraint. Finally, a few more in Cleveland:

178. Black Mountain -- In the Future
179. Minsk -- The Ritual Fires of Abandonment
180. Minsk -- with echoes in the movement of stone

Sad but true.

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