Wednesday, March 17, 2010

what now, what next

Time to shake off the winter doldrums and update the always-expanding list:

28. Be Bop Deluxe -- Live in the Air Age
29. Be Bop Deluxe -- Drastic Plastic
30. Be Bop Deluxe -- Raiding the Divine Archive
31. Lounge Lizards -- Live in Berlin 1991 Vol. 1
32. Miles Davis -- Miles Davis Quintet 1965-1968 (6-CD set)
33. Dave Mason -- XM Radio
34. Thorsten Scheerer -- Piano Pieces
35. Acid Mothers Temple -- Crystal Rainbow Pyramid Under the Stars


Thorsten Scheerer said...

Hey, that's funny - I just dropped by 'cause googled Loung Lizards and finally found me, myself and I ... no. 34 in your list: Thorsten Scheerer (yeap, that's ***me***), Piano Pieces (yeap, my album) ...
I'm deeply impressed - how made this album all the way in your collection ... all the way over the big ocean from here (Europe) to there (Ohio)? :-)

Stunning! :-))

Dave at the Cathedral Transmissions Label must do an insanely great job! :-)))

Matt said...

Hi Thorsten,
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Back in 2007 I stumbled across the October Man Recordings website and purchased the Lilienweiss Silent Night 3" CD (#48 of 50). Such great songs--I still play this CD quite often.

When I saw that you had a new CD coming out, I knew that I had to get it immediately. I'm enjoying this disc as well, playing it often in the evening. So yes, you have a fan and friend all the way in Ohio :)

Thorsten said...

Thanks Matt! Many greetings from Germany! If you're interested in more of that stuff, you're always invited to visit us virtually at