Monday, July 05, 2010

how they stack up

What music have I purchased in the past couple months? I'm glad that you asked. First, I've been on a Morrissey kick lately:

85. Morrissey -- The HMV/Parlophone Singles '88-'95 (3-CD set)
86. Morrissey -- There Is A Light That Never Goes Out [live] (CD single)
87. Morrissey -- You Have Killed Me (CD single)
88. Morrissey -- Maladjusted (remastered with bonus tracks)

So of course, I had to balance these discs with the anti-Morrissey:

89. Henry Rollins -- Everything
90. Henry Rollins -- Black Coffee Blues
91. Rollins Band -- A Clockwork Orange Stage

Then I started feeling a little proggy/krauty/spacey:

92. Nektar -- The Dream Nebula: best of 1971-1975
93. Klaus Schulze -- Cyborg (remastered)
94. RPWL -- World Through My Eyes
95. Various Artists -- To Cry You a Song (Jethro Tull tribute)
96. Ian Anderson -- Divinities: Twelve Dances with God
97. Peter Hammill -- Over (remastered)
98. Peter Hammill -- The Silent Corner and the Empty Stage (remastered)

And then a bit of jazz:

99. Tony Williams -- Life Time
100. Miles Davis -- The Complete Concert: 1964

A dash of acoustic guitar:

101. Alex de Grassi -- Southern Exposure
102. Suzanne Vega -- Close-Up Vol. 1, Love Songs

A dollop of arty gloom:

103. Ulver -- A Quick Fix of Melancholy EP
104. Various Artists -- September Songs: the music of Kurt Weill

And finally a potpourri of pop and antipop:

105. Sugar -- Copper Blue
106. Jello Biafra -- High Priest of Harmful Matter
107. The Residents -- The King and Eye
108. Duran Duran -- Big Thing
109. Split Enz -- Dizrhythmia (remastered)
110. Primus -- Sailing the Seas of Cheese
111. Alice in Chains -- Jar of Flies

Music gluttons of the world, unite and take over. Hand it over.

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