Sunday, February 18, 2007

19 & 20: down(but not out)beat

Won a couple more discs off the addictive, money-hoovering Ebay:

19. Tim Bowness/Samuel Smiles -- World of Bright Futures
20. Vangelis -- L'Apocalypse Des Animaux

Tim Bowness is known largely as the vocalist for no-man, but he is involved with almost as many other projects as Steven Wilson, his fellow no-man. World of Bright Futures is a sparse, low-key collaboration with the group Samuel Smiles. Eight original songs share space with stripped-down covers of King Crimson's Two Hands and Peter Hammill's Ophelia.

Bowness is an emotional singer without ever approaching histrionic. His vocals are hushed and restrained, an inner monologue of heartbreak and yearning. With sympathy and generosity, Bowness sings of wounded souls caught in labyrinthes often of their own design. His vocals capture the pain that feels endless in those moments when love seems utterly unattainable and forever lost. And Bowness does all this without snide irony or sappy sentimentality. A reporter of the downbeat, he uncovers what may be at the core of every heartache: the fear of always being alone.

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