Wednesday, February 28, 2007


"People now seem to be living vicariously through TV magazines, Hello magazine, and the world of soap star actors and the latest imbecile in Big Brother. It's what I call 'The Diana Syndrome' where people feel a closer affinity to a princess that they never met, who had a totally alien life to them and yet they don't address their own lives and own problems or care for the immediate well being of themselves or people around them. It's insane how people emulate and worship the likes of David Beckham and J-Lo, essentially intellectually challenged super rich gods of consumerism. It marvels me how the majority of people don't feel any impetus to discover more about themselves or the fascinating world both natural and scientific around them." -- Andrew Liles

For more of this interview, visit Brainwashed. Vociferous thanks to Robert Mitchum's Skull for smacking my very own skull with the 411.

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