Sunday, February 04, 2007

embrace the random xvii

I love text generators:

Death peers over God. The terrorist hardens in another transmitter. How does Death police the rectangular stem? God learns Death across the continent signal. Can whatever unifying trigger bark without God? A planet awaits God opposite each fountain.
The exciting conservative blackmails Death. Death hacks the distant liver. The consenting bell searches the disguise. A bastard exit overloads Death. How does Death second the arriving exhibit? How will a striking liquor disrupt Death?
With another fellow power ascends the sophisticated opponent. When will Death need the struggle? The incident bites the alphabetical coincidence. A verifying vegetable rants behind the activating attribute. Death jumps beside God.
Will a folding dilemma puzzle? The fringe vote sugars the arch before the fallen dictator. A dreadful meat obstructs the viewer. God rests a pill before each exercise.
The alleged pace marches with the starring suspicion. Death sneaks within the leadership. Death perceives God outside the fundamentalist stack. God gins the cabbage.
God optimizes a detective across a remedy. Death pinches the artificial mayor around the tailor. The listener farms? Death starts God next to an intimate. An adult defines the lifted scratch.
The worst lusts beside a scroll. The transformation estimates an accident behind the mediaeval screen. Death shoves a rope into a wiser secretary. Death scandalizes God after a specific paragraph. Does the valley permit Death? The cap bothers the heat next to the passive stereotype.
The flagging blackboard stumbles under the bullet. Why can't Death swim around the doubtful thickness? Death abides. His verbose conference stamps.
God pounds down upon an insistence within this horde. Death trades God. How does God zoom? Without a current beer beams the pedal chocolate. God invalidates the emulator beneath its managing carriage.
Death trails! The tailor accepts against her noise. Death projects God opposite a rival static. Death shifts God.

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