Thursday, January 24, 2008

uneasy being green

The truth behind emerald feces


moseydotes said...

When my son was almost two, we moved back to New Orleans, and after being away for several years, the first thing we did was gorge ourselves on Plum Street Snowballs. For the record, these are absolutely not like the "snowcone" things they have in the rest of the country. These are giant, slushy cups full of syrupy glucose sin that come in something like a kagillion flavors and colors. The next day, Sam pooped #0099CC on the hex html scale. I thought for sure he was dying of some insane childhood disease or ate paint chips when I wasn't looking or whatever, so I called the pediatrician to ask oh my God what do I do!?! His answer: "Next time get him Nectar instead of Bubblegum."

Matt said...

LOL This post was inspired by a recent experience I had. After eating half a bag of black licorice, my toilet looked like St. Paddy's Day. So of course I thought that I was rotting from the inside out with a terrible disease. Thank God for the internet--did some research and found the hilarious site.

New band name = Syrupy Glucose Sin